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    Beauty Blueprints

     So, you’ve gotten engaged to the man or woman of your dreams. You start fantasizing about your wedding wondering about things like: Where will it be? What will my dress look like? And maybe now we can finally take that trip to Bora Bora! Your daydreaming is quickly interrupted by the thought of, “Oh my goodness, I’m going to need to get my makeup done!”, as flashbacks of the time, you tried a smokey eye and realized that maybe green and black eyeshadow with red lipstick wasn’t the best choice. Choosing a Makeup Artist that is a perfect fit for you is more important than you may think.


     Your wedding day is one of THE most important days of your life. A day that you want to feel your most beautiful. Many brides overlook the importance of a makeup trial. A makeup trial will give you and your potential Makeup Artist a chance to meet face to face and get to know each other better. Comfort level with your Makeup Artist is essential because he or she will be in your “personal space” for a significant duration of time on your wedding day. It may set your mind at ease if you know your Makeup Artist not only does beautiful makeup but is also compatible with you and how you envision looking on the day of your wedding. A makeup trial also allows you to have quality time with your Makeup Artist to discuss relevant details of your wedding such as theme, colors, flowers, dresses, venue, the time of day your wedding will be and where your reception venue is. Bring photographs of your dress and swatches of your wedding colors, etc., if you have them. 


     Your wedding makeup should reflect who you are and how you picture yourself on your big day. During a makeup trial, you and your Makeup Artist can experiment with different looks and customize the perfect one for you. If you aren’t sure about the look you want, you can search websites such as Pinterest for inspiration. Create a board with makeup looks you like, and you both can sit together and pick a look or aspects of a look that would suit you best.  Another important reason to have a trial is to see how the makeup wears throughout the day and how it looks in different lighting. You can take pictures of yourself to see how well the makeup photographs and to make sure you don’t have any adverse reactions to any of the products used. If you have any known allergies be sure to let your Makeup Artist know this ahead of time.

     Timing. Your wedding day is going to be a very busy day filled with excitement, fun and probably a few jitters. Having a trial beforehand will give you and your Makeup Artist an idea of the time required for your makeup application. You want to wake up on your wedding day with no stress of wondering what you’re going to look like. If anyone else is getting their makeup done, the trial is an excellent time to discuss how many people and plan the timing to make sure everyone gets the look they want on time.


     Pay close attention to the hygienic practices of the Makeup Artist. Does he or she have a clean kit? Do they use disposable wands for things such as mascara or lip gloss (make sure they aren’t double dipping into these products)? Do they sharpen eye and lip liners before using them on you? Do they wash or sanitize their hands before starting your makeup or touching your face? Are their brushes clean?  Preventing the spread of germs with basic hygiene practices is easy.

     As you make your wedding plans, don’t overlook the makeup trial because you don’t think you need one or don’t think it’s necessary. A makeup trial can save you from stressing over your makeup or, even worse, hating your makeup on the day of your wedding. Also, don’t feel like you must go with the first Makeup Artist you try. It’s okay to shop around, find one that fits your needs and makes you comfortable with their skill and personality. You wouldn’t build your dream house without seeing a blueprint of how it will look when it’s completed. Consider your makeup trial the beauty blueprint for your dream look on your wedding day.

Jessica Zychek Makeup Artist/Owner You Make Me Blush

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