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From a young age, I had a fascination with colors and how they worked together. I remember as a child taking colored construction paper and putting it in order of the colors of the rainbow and also putting my crayons in order of hue in their box. Theater, dance, and art were all passions of mine. The joy I found in creating and being creative was unlike any other I had ever felt before. When I started wearing makeup I would sit in my room for hours experimenting with colors and looks to see what I could create. "To be or not to be," became the question I continued to ask myself until friends started asking me to do their makeup and that's where my journey in Makeup Artistry began.


It's not just about the application of a lipstick, eyeshadow or blush...what drives me runs deeper than that. For me, it's about creating an emotion, an impression, an experience but most of all a memory that will last a lifetime. It's an honor for me to be able to share and be a part of someone's special day. There is nothing that makes my heart smile more than helping someone feel their absolute best! Let me help you color your world, shine like the star you are and have those memories imprinted in your heart forever. 


"Be who you are because who you are is beautiful."




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